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Which are the first things that you need to take into consideration when planning a kitchen remodel? If you are an expert designer, the first thing you will consider is your kitchen design. Out of each the rooms inside your house, design of your kitchen things most. As a practical space, your expertise of your own kitchen is dramatically affected by how easily you are able to move around the area when cleaning or cooking. A professionally equipped kitchen overlooks motion, reduces the requirement to stoop and achieve and enhances your ability to utilize the kitchen as a multifunctional space. To do so, there are numerous important factors that a specialist designer will factor in their kitchen layout.

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Inspirational Designs to Fuel Your Own Modern Kitchen Refresh

The kitchen is typically the most modern room of the house. New and improved products and especially appliances are constantly being released and they have a certain style that inspires the rest of the space around them to be just as sleek and modern. With that in mind, today we’re having a look at a...

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The kitchen is typically the most modern room of the house. New and improved products and especially appliances are constantly being released and they have a certain style that inspires the rest of the space around them to be just as sleek and modern. With that in mind, today we’re having a look at a...

The post Inspirational Designs to Fuel Your Own Modern Kitchen Refresh appeared first on Home Decorating Trends - Homedit.

The kitchen is typically the most modern room of the house. New and improved products and especially appliances are constantly being released and they have a certain style that inspires the rest of the space around them to be just as sleek and modern. With that in mind, today we’re having a look at a few particularly interesting and inspiring kitchens with exquisite and refined designs. 

The Combine Evolution kitchen by Boffi has a very clean and elegant look. The most notable element would have to be the large island with a generous counter and seating space and beautiful white Carrara marble. There are several appliances seamlessly built into the island and lots of storage space as well.

The working area is illuminated from above by LED lights attached to a ceiling-mounted shelving unit with a sleek black metal frame and solid wood shelves. Apart from that the kitchen also has a stylish set of cabinets with open shelves and hidden modules all very beautifully complementing the rest of the appliances and fixtures. 

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The GK.01 kitchen by Giorgetti proposes a dark color palette which stands out from most other collections that focus more on whites and bright colors. The material of choice for this series was wood and the primary color is a dark shade of brown with an almost metallic undertone.

The design is very clean and simple, in line with the contemporary style applied overall. The finishes are customizable allowing each kitchen to adapt to its surroundings. Everything was designed with open plan spaces in mind and this beautiful kitchen is also defined by modularity and flexibility. 

Marble and glass are beautifully put together and used to bring novelty into the world of modern kitchens. The 36e8 kitchen designed by Daniele Lago shows how these materials can interact with each other and with others and can be used to create stylish and elegant compositions that seamlessly fit into a variety of contemporary setups.

The island has a white marble body and a floating base which gives it a lightweight appearance. An L-shaped piece of wood wraps around one its sides and adds a table which expands the prep area but can also be used in a variety of other ways. 

The exclusive One kitchen series by Rifra is extremely simple without being conventional. In the process of creating it the designers went back to the basics and reimagined a very simple kitchen but with the top, sides and bases shaped at a 45 degree angle.

This little detail sets this kitchen apart from other similar ones. Additionally, a variety of special finishes are available such as glossy or matte varnish, wood, leather, cement, clay, raw oak covered with clay and lava stone. 

The C2 kitchen places all the important cooking-related features and elements within arm’s reach thus having a strong ergonomic character. This is designed to be a professional kitchen that allows one to experiment and reach culinary perfection at home.

It has a very solid and robust look and feel and it’s centered around a high-powered induction cooktop with very accurate temperature controls. There’s also a sliding shelf that glides seamlessly across the entire counter and makes it very convenient to reach the cooking ingredients from anywhere. The integrated speakers and premium audio system on the backsplash help to create a wonderful and personalized ambiance in each and every home. 

The Modul series designed by Martin Steininger bring into attention four modules which can be freely combined to create a unique and custom kitchen. They come in a choice of three distinct materials: concrete, stone and ceramics. The design is clean and simple and each of the modules performs a unique function.

There’s a cooking module with stainless steel accents, a storage module with dark smoked oak and golden anodized aluminum details that give it a very luxurious and elegant appearance, a sink module built with concrete parts as thin as 8 mm including the sink itself and also a table module which is C-shaped and very versatile. 

The design of the Clover 02 kitchen is one inspired by nature and its unique and organic beauty. The kitchen uses wood as one of the primary materials and emphasizes its tactile beauty and wonderful warmth and character. The colors and finishes used also evoke nature which gives the kitchen an authentic and outstanding look. This is also a kitchen which is highly customizable and can adapt to a variety of different spaces and requirements. 

The K-IN and K-OUT are two very similar-looking kitchens, both designed by architect Massimo Castagna. They have identical appearances, or so it would seem, but they are designed for very different environments.

One is an indoor kitchen and has a wooden structure and the other is an outdoor kitchen with an aluminum structure. This distinction helps each one to adapt to its location without impacting the appearance as a whole. The design is a minimalistic one with an elevated base that adds a lightweight feel to the entire unit. 

After bringing us the handle-free kitchen and simplifying the way in which we interact with our furniture, SieMatic revealed last year the SieMatic SLX, a new kitchen concept with new standards, one which improves their iconic series and has a new identity.

It’s built using beautiful and refined materials with wood being the main one and a series of very elegant and sophisticated finishes. It’s both solid and delicate at the same time thanks to features such as the floating countertop which is only 6.5 mm thick. The entire kitchen has a wonderful weightless and and delicate appearance. 

Like a lot of contemporary and modern kitchen series, the E5.‎00 / E2.‎00 is ideal for large, open concept interior spaces. It’s designed on a large scale with big storage spaces, shelves and various built-in features and it has a big island with plenty of counter space on top. The island is actually the best element to reflect the unique combination of colors and finishes used in this series. The deep ocean blue, white and light wood complement each other surprisingly well. 

This right here is the Atelier kitchen by Abimis. It’s a custom-made designer kitchen which can be customized with any possible accent material. This way each and every one gets to uniquely adapt to the requirements and personal preferences of the user and the space that it’s a part of.

Beneath all the customizable details, this remains a highly functional and practical kitchen with an emphasis on quality. It can be combined with a variety of classic, modern or traditional materials such as stone, marble, wood as well as lots of others in order to suit its context.

The Iconcolor kitchen series designed by Giuseppe Bavuso is equally functional and elegant. Although simple, it has a lot of depth and character which helps it to stand out in a variety of different environment without relying on strong colors or unconventional shapes and forms.

The most interesting element in the series is the island which can be personalized with a variety of different materials and finishes. It has a three-section structure with an attached table that can be used as a breakfast or snack bar but also as a dining table. 

On the topic of large modern kitchens, we should also mention the T45 / D90 series by Italia Cucine. It’s defined by a lot of simplicity, linearity and elegance and it’s a kitchen with a surface area of 30 square meters.

There’s a large island made of black marble, a big glass cabinet for glassware and various other items as well as lots of storage and room for all the built-in appliances a kitchen could need. The glass cabinet adds an element of openness and lightness to the series, especially thanks to the LED lighting on the glass shelves and all the beautiful bronze details.

Stainless steel is a very common material for a lot of professional kitchens. It’s not that common in residences where softer and warmer materials are preferred and where the accent is often on the aesthetics of the space.

The GRAD45 kitchen manages to combine both looks and functionality and to bring the benefits of stainless steel into the kitchen in an elegant and timeless manner. This island has a very luxurious feel and although it’s very simple and linear it also has lots of small details which add style to it such as the 45 degree cuts on the corner joints and the lack of handles and other visible hardware. 

Modularity and versatility are highly appreciated in kitchens and often define a lot of modern and contemporary collections. The Nika kitchen by Giulia Novars is a beautiful example. It has a very distinctive design where the island is not a single base module but a collection of several distinct sections seamlessly combined and integrated into an eclectic structure.

It can function as a regular island with a counter for prepping food, as a bar equipped with storage for bottles, glasses and accessories but also as a table for serving breakfast or even dinner.

This is the V888 by Aston Martin and it’s a kitchen like no other. There are three main elements in its composition. One is the bespoke kitchen island which can be tailor made in any desired shape and size based on each customer’s requirements and preferences. It features a sliding top which can be controlled remotely, beautiful leather on the sides, canaletto walnut venner and marble on the top and titaniun feet.

The collection also includes a back cabinet made using a combination of wood, walnut veneer, leather and marble. It has a beautiful glossy paint finish and the wood sections are available in any desired lacquer color. The third element is the bar cabinet made from the same combination of materials. 

Some kitchens can be very modern and also have a traditional or a retro vibe, which is what we can definitely say about the Ginger series by Fendi Cucine. Its design is defined by timeless elegance which is often associated with materials such as marble.

The combination of Calacatta gold marble and copper bronze metal suits this style perfectly and highlights the elegance and refined beauty of not just the materials themselves but the way in which they are manipulated and combined to create beautiful pieces of furniture such as this. Various finishes and colors are available to allow a high degree of customization for each project. 

The combination of brass and solid and one you might expect from a modern kitchen but not really in this particular form. The Form 45 kitchen designed by Multiform is unique in many different ways and that has a lot to do with this very distinctive choice of materials.

The open plan design, the stylish and practical pocket door and the design as a whole are in tone with the aesthetic of a modern and luxurious kitchen. At the same time, this is a kitchen with a strong classic vibe which helps it to transcend trends and to reach timelessness. 

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